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    a land of love

    Future - T-Shirt


    been striking out on craigslist……then i foudn out i just had to go to my local county clerk office for some killa……4/20 easter is saved 

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    lookaghost replied to your post: yes i think this is better than anythi…

    fav part of rusty: when the guy yells “it’s rusty!!!!!!!!”

    i live for this shit. it’s the poor man’s “I MISS YOU” and guess what guess what — i am the poor man! it’s me

    wait a sec i don’t think that’s an actual lyric

    i just listened again and the guy actually yells “it’s rusted!!!!!!!” in the everyday world of bodies. liked it better the other way if i’m being perfectly honest

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    next track on spankmaster appropriates the clarissa explains it all theme song ‘na-na-na’s. wow classic

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    Kool Keith


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    "hey man"
    "what happened back there with you and that dog?"
    "huh? oh nothing"
    "alright take it easy"

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    Life Without Buildings New Town, from Any Other City (2001)

    "Long live the singers who never intended to be singers; they’re the ones that make you feel like there are still new ideas under the sun." (Lindsay Zoladz, Pitchfork)

    looking in your eyes, i’m looking in your eyes
    with a feeling

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